2016 RESIDENCY APPLICATIONS will open September 1st, 2015 and will close on November 30th, 2015.


There are 2 residency programs for application: THE STANDARD RESIDENCY:a longer, more traditional studio based program. Standard residents are given access to materials and a studio space. And THE BIGGIE SHORTIE: a shorter, more project based residency. Big project in a short amount of time. The flexible nature of Biggie Shorties allow for projects to be customized to fit each residency. 

Residents of both programs are given access to Revolution Recovery’s waste stream. RAIR’s staff works closely with all residents, both while sourcing materials in the yard and constructing in the studio. 

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RAIR offers the opportunity for artists to interface with a fully operating recycling center. Our artist studio exists as a direct result of our cooperative relationship with the recycling center, Revolution Recovery. Because of that relationship, all residents are on location as a guest. Resident artists are expected to be compliant and understanding of all center operations at all times.

>>>>>Any artist applying to RAIR is strongly encouraged to have completed a tour of the facilities at RAIR and the recycling center before submitting an application. Applicant who have been on a site visit tend to have a better idea of the scope of the program and produce stronger applications.<<<<< 

The environment that we offer is unique; it is often dusty and pretty rough and rugged. Because RAIR exists in a very busy operational facility, unsolicited visits and tours are not allowed. Tours will be held on every other Saturday of each month in September, October, and November. Please click HERE to sign up for a tour. If you can not make it to one of our scheduled tours, please email us to set up an appointment: rair.philly@gmail.com



  • Statement of Interest

  • Resume/Cv

  • 3 Professional References

  • Project proposal 

  • 10 Images/video of Artwork


September 1st- 30th: $15 

October 1st- 31st:      $20

November 1st- 30th:  $25


The residency program is open to all emerging and mid career artists. Students may apply but may not be actively enrolled in classes during their residency. Applicants must be 21 years of age or older.


RAIR's workspace includes a large project space, wood shop equipment, metal working facilities, access to the waste stream for materials, and a material storage area. Standard Residency artists are also provided with a 10x10 personal studio space. Biggie Shortie artists who want to use the recycling yard and warehouse area as staging grounds will need to work with RAIR staff to plan this in advance.


Our role as a resource within the Philadelphia art community has allowed us to foster many relationships and we have a variety of resources available to us at any given point in time. Opportunities for exhibitions come up throughout the year. In the planning stages of a residency, if there is an opportunity for exhibition of an artist's project, RAIR will help with the coordination. Resident artists are not guaranteed an exhibition through RAIR, however. They will be scheduled on a case by case basis at this time.

DOCUMENTATION ‘return to waste stream’

We recommend that all projects be thoroughly documented, and will offer assistance if needed. At the end of a residency, once projects are documented, residents are given the option to ‘return to the waste stream’ which is essentially recycling the materials they took from the yard during their residency.  We do not, however, require residents to recycle their projects. Residents may also incorporate the ‘return to the waste stream’ into their project.

Follow this link to apply----->       https://rair.submittable.com


1. Does RAIR provide any funding to an artist in residence?

Currently, no. We cannot offer artist stipends, reimbursement for transportation, housing expenses or other expenses. We can offer free studio space and access to materials.

2. Does RAIR accept applications from artist collectives?

Yes, we do accept applications from collaborative groups. Only one application is needed for groups with multiple members; please include separate bios.

3. What kind of art supplies does RAIR's studio provide to artists?

Extra hardware and additional materials not sourced from the waste stream are the artist's responsibility. This includes specialty tools and items that are not already stocked in the artist studio. A description of the shop and its capabilities is listed on our website

4. Am I allowed to bring an assistant to work along side me during my residency?

Artists are allowed to have assistants working with them. Any assistant will be required to go through all safety training and the introduction process. 

5. Can I crate my work after my residency? 

During the residency, staff can help with the coordination of shipping and crating of work you wish to take with you; however, funding for shipping and crating will not be provided by RAIR. Construction of crates should be done within the given time frame of your residency, unless otherwise arranged with the RAIR staff. 

6. Can I recycle my work back into the waste stream when my residency is done?

Yes! The RAIR staff is willing to assist residents with thoroughly documenting their work before it ‘returns to the waste stream’. We DO NOT require residents to destroy their work.

7. What if I don't consider myself a visual artist, but I would still like to apply?

We welcome applications from all those interested in applying for a residency. From archeologists to industrial designers to curators to architects to scientists, RAIR offers opportunities and resources to people from many different fields of study!

8. Can I submit to both the Biggie Shortie Residency and the Standard Residency?

Yes! You can submit to both residency programs in the same application cycle. We ask that you take note of the differences between the two residencies, and tailor each application individually. Therefore you will have to complete two separate application forms. 

 QUESTIONS? shoot us an email: rair.philly@gmail.com