Material Sourcing F.A.Q.

1. How long can I expect to wait for a material?

We ask that all material sourcing inquiries allow for at least a month of lead time. The reliability of the waste stream varies. We are a small crew and will be facilitating material sourcing when we can, which may or may not be swift. Please be patient with us while we process the inquiries, send responses, and find the materials you are looking for.

2. How much material can I request to source?

We generally reserve the studio storage space for our residents, so the designated material sourcing storage is minimal. Ideally we could only hold the material for a week from picking to pick-up. We can address the specifics based on your request. 

3. Can I pick my own material? 

Yes, but you would be accompanied by a member of the RAIR team and there would be some basic safety training and constraints.

4. Do I have to pay for the material I source?

There will be a fee for material sourcing, whether for labor, scrap value, and/or transportation. Please be as specific as possible with your comments and questions on the inquiry form, and we will do our best to give you an estimate.

5. Will you deliver the material to me?

Typically no, but in some instances the materials could be delivered for an extra fee.

6. What do I do with the excess material I do not use?

We are happy to accept back used/unused materials, but would have to apply Revolution Recovery's disposal rates. Please be aware of how much you are asking us for, and if you do have an excess please dispose of them responsibly.